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The Different Types of Vapers

Vaping has become a major hobby in the United States. Today, millions of people vape, having replaces this smoking with this new, more healthful alternative. But if you pay attention at all to vapers, you will soon notice that there are many different types. Just for fun, I decided to categorize them in this article. See if you agree with my categorizations.

1) Flavor Freaks. These vapers are the types that have shelves full of different flavors. I can understand how someone would go this route, as trying different flavors is lots of fun. And every once in a while, you find a true gem, and such a thing would not have been possible had you not experimented. Flavor freaks will be busy for a long time, since typical e-liquid stores stock hundreds of flavors. And on top of that, there are dozens of stores just online. Don't forget, you can also mix and create your own flavors, an activity that can provide countless hours of fun.

2) The Tinkerer. Some are content to stick to one flavor they like, but endlessly tweak their setups. This can be done by purchasing complex batteries, as well as different types of tanks. Make no mistake, tinkerers spend a lot of money on their hobby. Typically, they'd have a half dozen batteries and all sorts of other accessories. If you are a casual vaper, you may not even recognize a lot of the items tinkerers have. The good thing is that you can tinker with your e-cig setup on many different levels. So while the majority of tinkerers may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, you can tinker with your own setup on a completely different budget.


3) The Simple Vaper. Last but not least, there are people who vape and want the most simple setup possible. These people may choose small batteries that look and feel like ordinary cigarettes. They tend to favor setups that only have two components: the battery and the cartridge. And true to form, such e-cigarettes are extremely easy to use. Not ironically, they tend to cost a lot less than other setups as well. I like to use Volcano Ecigs for my simple setups. But there are plenty of great e-cig companies you can use that offer great products that fall into this category. Volcano is not the only one, although I do feel partial toward them.

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