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How to make relationships last

relationshipsMany people get into relationships each year using sites like And while dating sites are quite good at hooking people up, they leave the rest to the couples. And sadly, many people do not possess the skills to make a relationshilp last. This is best reflected by the high divorce rate and the fact that most relationships in the United States do not have a lot of longevity. In this article, I will provide a few simple tips to helping your relationship last.

1) Be honest. This is probably the most difficult advice for couples to follow. Many doubts come into our heads before being honest, such as, will my partner still love me if I tell the truth? What if he or she gets mad? Early on, you must learn to cast aside such doubts and tell the truth all the time, even on matters that seem trivial. Remember, just one lie, when caught, can erode the trust that you have within a relationship. This alone can lead things down a self-destructive path ending in separation.

2) Don't do everything together. This may sound counterintuitive, but studies have shown that it's healthy for couples to engage in some activities separately. It only makes sense, since you probably have different interests. And when you do things away from each other, it gives you a break and some more things you can talk about when you are together.

3) After a fight, make sure you talk about it. The wrong time to have a talk is in the middle of a fight. But you shouldn't later pretend it never happened either. The besy way to resolve things is to talk it over later. That way, you get closure and you're able to clear up any misunderstandings. For more about love and relationships, make sure you visit dating sites like, where you can get eharmony free trials and other coupons that allow you to make the most of online dating without having to pay a steep price. For the most part, I find eharmony to be the best site to find a partner and launch a successful relationship.

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